1. Language: Theme discussions, labelling, rhymes, stories, games, noises, music etc.

2. Numeracy/early mathematics, counting, clapping, stamping, sorting, grasping concepts such as more or less, full or empty, shapes and sizes, patterns etc.

3. Music and movement: Outside play on different apparatus, climbing, dancing, singing, skipping, jumping, playing with instruments etc.

4. Sensory Activities: (Messy play) Mud, water, sand, dough, flour, beans etc.

5. Creative Play: Paint, paste, colouring, drawing, cutting, modelling etc.

6. Perception Play: Gross motor, fine motor, auditory, visual, taste, smell etc.

7. Education Toys will be used in all of the above mentioned categories. The educational programme is outcome based.

8. Bible: We are a Christian based centre. We incorporate bible stories and principles.